Making a difference

The last few days I have been thinking about the small things nurses do to make a difference to the people they care for. This was prompted by a tweet posted by @MandyHollis3 in an attempt to acknowledge the great work done by nurses everywhere, everyday.

With collaboration from @WeNurses the word was out, and nurses everywhere have begun to tell their stories about how they have indeed made a difference to the lives of those they care for. As a nurse academic I have limited direct patient contact but I can still make a difference. When I teach a student nurse something new, it gives them the tools to improve their knowledge and skill which in turn affects the care that they give. It is also true that when I have to do the more unpleasant parts of my job such as telling a student they have not passed an assignment or dealing with a fitness for practice investigation, I still feel that I have definitely made a difference. As with nurses on the frontline, I also feel that the small things I do can make an enormous difference. I can offer words of encouragement or explain something in a way the student has been struggling with, it all makes a difference.

Everyone one of us can make a difference, from student nurses to chief executives. A few months ago, a student said to me ‘but I’m only a student’. Student nurses can and do make a difference and so we should never underestimate their value and worth. I asked our student nurses how they were making a difference on their placements and I loved reading this post by @caffeinenurse

and the response from @karendawber who talked about how she remembered making a difference as a student nurse

I guess my point is, we can all make a difference and contribute to the fabulous care our nurses provide. So follow #madeadifference and tell everyone how you made a difference and lets fill timelines with good nursing news! Read about how our nurses are going the extra mile, it will definitely lift your spirits.

Thank you to @MandyHollis3 and @WeNurses for this great way to share good news stories.


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