Such an Honour!

This weekend Teresa Chinn AKA @AgencyNurse, founder of @WeNurses, will be taking a well earned break to the city that never sleeps, New York. While she enjoys the sights and sounds of the Big Apple, she has bravely given the responsibility of taking care of @WeNurses to four willing volunteers:

Sunday: @MrsCFlatt #ClaireInCharge

Monday: @wlasinclair #WendyInCharge

Tuesday: @Salsa442 #SalInCharge

Wednesday: @Bartontd  #DaveInCharge

So, for 24 hours from Monday 7th October at 7am, I will be logging in to Twitter and tweeting on Teresa’s behalf to more than 10,000 followers. This is an exciting opportunity and a challenge which I am of course up for, but, with over 10,000 followers I do feel slightly apprehensive! Teresa has clearly given all of her energy and expertise to @WeNurses (and too many hours to count!) and so I expect she will be rather nervous handing over the baton. Through @WeNurses, Teresa has amazingly built up her following and connected nurses, facilitated good quality relevant nursing twitter Chats, offered support and provided an ideal forum to share ideas and learn from each other.

Twitter is becoming increasingly useful for engaging with student nurses, indeed the University of Salford has recently been ranked 4th by Unipod for presence on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, demonstrating the value placed on social media and engagement with students. I’m hoping that my experience of being #InCharge will help me to develop my personal skills in working with social media. I intend to write about my experience and post it on the community blog next week.

Each of the volunteers will bring something different and I suspect there may be a few jokes to brighten up your week on Wednesday, courtesy of @Bartontd ! I do hope that Teresa will be happy with my tweets on Monday because it is such an honour and a privilege to be trusted with something so important to Teresa and her 10,000+ followers. I feel sure that colleagues, friends, students and the whole Twitter nurse community will support each one of us #InCharge this week (and I’m pretty sure Teresa will be having a peek at Twitter from NYC from time to time too!)

Please support all of us #InCharge from Sunday 6th October – Wednesday 9th October and tweet @WeNurses even if its just to say Hello! 


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