Introduction to CYP Nursing : parenting styles

A few weeks ago I made the decision to blog about the module I lead. I’m the module leader for Yr 1 Semester 3 ‘Introduction to Children and Young People’s Nursing’. The module officially started yesterday and I was really pleased to meet March 14 student nurses all enthusiastic and ready to go. In preparation for the module, I’ve considered how social media may enhance learning and so we have a twitter hashtag #ICYPN which is also embedded on the virtual learning environment (Blackboard). I’ll also be posting items on our FaceBook page. Over the next five weeks of theory, I’ll be blogging twice a week (briefly) about the sessions delivered on this module.

After introduction to the module yesterday, sessions today included ‘communicating with children’, ‘parenting styles’ and ‘deaf awareness and sign language’. I personally delivered the parenting styles session. In this session we began to explore the work of Diana Baumrind (1966). Diana Baumrind identified styles of parenting and concluded that each style would have different outcomes for children. Today we looked at each of the Authoritarian, Authoritative and Permissive parenting styles. This was an introduction to parenting styles and other theories will be considered as we move through the module. Children’s nurses not only work with children, they work with the parents and the family unit and so it is important that we understand something about how parents parent. Additionally some of our students will go on to work as Health Visitors where of course working with families is key. An interesting element to emerge from today’s discussion was how we all make judgements on parenting ability, which is often based on minimal information and observation. The key message from the session is that we need to avoid judgement and instead work with families toward a positive outcome!


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