Introduction to CYP nursing: Professional standards, medicines administration and twitter

Today was spent teaching two sessions

‘Professional Standards for Children’s Nurses’ & ‘Medicines Administration’.

Both sessions are intense and require participation from the students to bring the subjects to life and so today was a great opportunity to encourage the students to participate in a different way. In addition to discussion, students were encouraged to switch on their smartphones/tablets/laptops and tweet about session content using the module hashtag #icypn.

The day started by dissecting The Code and thinking about how it applies specifically to children’s nurses. Although we didn’t intentionally apply the 6C’s, the students did identify where courage, commitment, competence, compassion, and communication fits in with maintaining professional standards. They also clearly considered the need to be Caring as this tweet asks why do we need to be told to be kind and considerate?

The students also highlighted that they struggled with the idea that nurses don’t always maintain professional standards and didn’t think that students joined the programme with intentions of dropping their standards. They wondered how, when and why this change occurs, a question with such complexities that it’s difficult to answer succinctly.

This afternoon we explored medicines administration for children’s nurses. Accurately weighing children and calculating drug doses based on weight seems to be something many of our students are concerned about, and for the sake of patient safety, rightly so. We talked about the need to be competent in numeracy skills and have confidence in those skills. The Abbott and Costello video demonstrates how we can be convinced by the confidence demonstrated by others and so we talked about the importance of independently checking drug calculations and being sure of the methods being used.

In the meantime, as students were tweeting about the sessions, they were demonstrating their professionals standards as they maintained their online professional conduct. All in all a good day!

A while ago I’d been given some @WeNurses fridge magnets and keyrings, which I gave as prizes to the day’s top tweeters! A huge thank you to @WeNurses who are sending more supplies for more of our @nursingSUni top tweeters!


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